A Tribute to Charlie Chaplin – Part II


A Tribute to Charlie Chaplin – Part II


Charlie Chaplin Tributes/Pages

  • The Association Chaplin – A site set up by the Chaplin family to protect the copyrighted image of Mr. Chaplin. You’ll find some nice photos, and information about live orchestral screenings of Chaplin films.
  • Chaplin Fans Unite – An enthusiastic Chaplin fan offers filmography, books and documentaries lists, a forum, a WebRing/NetRing, a mailing list, and much more.
  • Chaplin Film Locations Then and Now – Brought to you by a Chaplin enthusiast named Gerald.
  • Chaplin Library
    This special reference-only collection was created from the personal collection of Dominique Dugros and created by Dominique Dugros, Emeline Charrier and Linda Wada of ednapurviance.org. It currently contains over 300 book covers from around the world, covering nearly 90 years of Chaplin.
  • Charlie Chaplin – Biography and career highlights from Glen Pringle, the creator of the first silent film site on the Web.
  • Laurel & Hardy and Charlie Chaplin – A. J. Marriot’s site consists of two sections: one deals with Laurel & Hardy’s British stage tours which took place after they quit making films. Lots of photos and great archival information.
  • Sir Charles Chaplin – Amar Joshi’s site offers brief sketches of his films, plus the closing speech from The Great Dictator.
  • Stealing the Clown’s Clothes – An interesting essay from Bright Lights Film Journal, subtitled “Stan Laurel’s Relationship With Chaplin.”
  • Lenin Imports: Chaplin Biography – A nice biography from poster/video/CD retailer Lenin Imports.
  • The Talkie and the Tramp: Charlie Chaplin Stays Silent in the Machine Age – A discussion of Chaplin’s metholodogy and a gallery of his film imagery, from America in the 30s.

Other Charlie Chaplin Pages

Fan Club

The Charlie Chaplin Fan Club
Bonnie McCourt, President
300 South Topanga Canyon Blvd.
Topanga, CA 90290

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