A Tribute to Shirley Temple


A Tribute to Shirley Temple


Shirley Temple Black is no longer a child star, but at one time she was the most popular actress in America — for five years in a row! She would be the first to admit that her film career pretty much ended after 1949. In fact, of the 69 films and TV movies she appeared in, 60 of them were filmed between 1932 and 1949, more than half of those before 1937, when she turned the ripe old age of 9! She received a special Oscar in 1934 for her contribution to screen entertainment.

So this tribute is primarily to the little girl who made so many people happy during the Depression, with her smile and her dancing and her precociousness — rather than to the woman who was once a delegate to the United Nations, ambassador to Ghana and Czechoslovakia, and White House Chief of Protocol, in a career that lasted 27 years, much longer than her film career. You can see a glimpse of the little girl’s future in the photo above, as she sits with America’s most distinguished First Lady, Eleanor Roosevelt, in 1938.

Of course, many of the sites listed on Part II of this tribute have information about Mrs. Black’s adult activities, so you’ll have no problem getting whatever information you’d like. Be sure to check out all four pages of this article.

Part I: Introduction

Part II: Shirley Temple Tributes and Other Pages

Part III: Movie Reviews & Where to Find Her Movies

Part IV: Books, Photos, Art, and Posters

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