Tomorrow Is Another Tribute



Tomorrow Is Another Tribute

Few movies inspire as much enthusiasm as Gone With the Wind. It is, after all, still the number one box office hit when you make an adjustment for inflation. And since it was re-released in the theaters a few years ago, the position is looking even more secure. With all the new versions available now on DVD, it’s finding a new audience among those whose parents weren’t even born when it was first released! In a poll on this site, visitors indicated that it’s the movie they’d least like to see re-made, scoring higher than even Citizen Kane and Casablanca.

When it comes to fan adoration, you won’t see it any more clearly than on the Web. There are now so many tribute sites that it’s hard to keep track of them all. Hard or not, that’s my job, so here is my current list (the ones that I could reach, anyway). If you know of any I’ve missed (and there are bound to be some), please send me an email and let me know. I’d appreciate it if you’d also let me know if any of these sites are no longer around, because they often have a tendency to be gone with the wind, themselves!

Please note that this is a three-part article. You’ll find links to Parts II and III at the end of this page.

GWTW Sites & Tributes


Part I: Introduction, Tributes, and Web Rings.

Part II: Other GWTW Sites; Reviews.

Part III: Specific Actors & Actresses; Videos.

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