A Tribute to Glenn Ford – Part II


A Tribute to Glenn Ford – Part II


Glenn Ford Tributes/Pages

  • Glenn Ford Salute
    Glenn Ford celebrated his 90th birthday on May 1st, 2006. This site was set up by his son Peter and publicist Martin Lewis to promote the gala celebration at Grauman’s Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood.
  • Glenn Ford: A Life in Film – A new site focusing on a book (coming soon) by Hollywood author Christopher Nickens, who is teaming up with Glenn’s son Peter to tell Glenn Ford’s fascinating story, including many of the actor’s own recollections of his boyhood and years of stardom.
  • Peter Ford.com – The headline says, “Greetings from Hollywood, California, the City of Stars.” It’s the home page of Glenn Ford’s son Peter, and it’s still growing. But you can find some interesting stories, including Peter’s bio, as well as the fascinating tale of how “Rock Around the Clock” was chosen as the theme song for Blackboard Jungle.
  • Glenn Ford: Performer and Patriot – Meredy’s Glenn Ford site has it all, including a biography, filmography, screen savers, image gallery, links, and much more.
  • Meredy’s Glenn Ford Trivia Mania – If you can answer these 25 tough questions, you’ll be a true Glenn Ford fanatic.
  • Northern Stars – Filmography and link to biography from a site dedicated to Canadian stars.

Other Glenn Ford Pages


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