Alfred Hitchcock


Alfred Hitchcock

There are more pages devoted to this director than to any other. Here are many of them, including the Classic Movies Centennial Tribute.

A Tribute to Alfred Hitchcock

Originally written in 1997, updated in honor of The Master’s 100th birthday, and recently expanded once again, this seven-part article features hundreds of links to everything from tribute sites to reviews to posters.

The Alfred Hitchcock Scholars/”MacGuffin” Web Site

The Web home of the print magazine whose goal is “to offer the genuine Hitchcock fan and/or scholar new information and new insights about Hitch’s films.”

Hitch & Alma

The Web site for a novel by Robert Schoen, which explores Hitchcock’s partnership with his wife, his fantasy romances with leading ladies Grace Kelly and Tippi Hedren, and the lasting influence of his mother and his strange childhood.


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