Classic animation: Disney, Disney, and more Disney, plus a few others.

A Centennial Tribute to Walt Disney

Written originally to celebrate what would have been the centennial of the man who turned animation into a genuine movie art form and entertained several generations of children and adults.

Animation Connection

An authorized gallery for the world’s major animation studios featuring original cartoon cells and other animation art at discount prices.

Animation Journal

Once affiliated with Chapman University, this is now an independent site devoted to animation history and theory, edited by Maureen Ruth Furniss.

Tex Avery Tribute

Devoted to the great animation director whose best theatrical work was done in the 40s and 50s, including a brief biography, MGM filmography, wallpapers, screen shots, sounds, and listing of available videos.

The Big Cartoon Database

Describing itself as “the largest online searchable database of cartoon shorts and animation on the Internet,” this site is a treasure-trove for animation buffs. Organized by studio, there is a listing for every short, feature, and TV series ever produced, including synopsis and all relevant information. There’s even some news about Disney and other relevant topics.

Debbie Weiss’ Animation Art Collection

Here’s an online look at the collection of one of the twelve most influential people in the animation collecting field, according to Animation Magazine.

Disney’s Animated Classics

From Arnold E. van Beverhoudt’s Sandcastle, V.I. site’s “At the Movies” section, this is a listing of all the classic Walt Disney animated films, from 1937’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs to Atlantis (2001) — including title, date, length, brief synopsis, and photo of the video cover.

Fantasia on The Greatest Films

Tim Dirks’ list of great films includes this Disney classic.

Internet Movie Database

A list of over 17,000 animated theatrical films in their database, in alphabetical order. You can also use the IMDb’s Extended Search function to create a list of 100 top-rated animated films from 1970 and earlier (or whatever dates you want). It includes quite a few surprises, including the top-rated film (9.9 out of 10), Why Man Creates, which won the 1969 Oscar for Best Documentary, Short Subjects.

The Chuck Jones Web Site

Official site for the legendary Warner Brothers animation artist.

Pastor Steve’s Popeye Page

If you’re a big fan of the Paramount/Famous Studios’ Popeye cartoons, this could be your favorite site. The central feature is an exhaustive listing of the cartoons, divided into four different groups by quality. Plus a quiz, fan fiction, essays, links, an Olive Oyle page, and much more.


A review by Roger Ebert, from The Great Films.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs on The Greatest Films

Tim Dirks’ list of great films includes this Disney classic.

Tom and Jerry Online

An information-packed site for Tom & Jerry cartoon fans, including a history of the series, episode guide, profiles of the creators, streaming video, sound files, regularly updated news, and a lot more.

Walt Disney Pictures

Start here to learn about their latest animation efforts, then check out the Disney Home Video Archives. All part of the seemingly never-ending Disney Web site.

Wonderful World of Animation Art Gallery

An authorized gallery for Disney (Europe), Simpsons (and other Fox art), MTV/Nickleodeon, Universal, and Chuck Jones animation art, physically located in Beverly Hills, CA. Lots of reproductions of animation cels.

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