“Best of” Lists


“Best of” Lists

Web pages with lists of “best” classic films, actors, actresses, moments, etc., as well as awards sites.

Best School Movies

From Grease to Breakfast Club to Napoleon Dynamite, we have your list of favorite movies about school.

The AFI 100 Films

A personal analysis of the American Film Institute’s 100 Greatest Films, with links to other resources.

Favorite Classic Comedies

An updated listing of my favorite comedy films (sound only) of the last 65 years, with 20 new entries.

Favorite Movie Lists

I re-ran my 200 Favorite Movies feature and challenged you to come up with your own lists. Here are a bunch of them.

The Internet Movie Database Top 250 Movies List

Would you be surprised to hear that half the Top 250 Movies list from IMDb is composed of movies made in the last seven years? Here’s what it would look like if only classic movies fans had voted.

All Time Sports Movie Listings

The Sandlot Shrink offers their annotated listings of movies revolving around a variety of sports, including baseball, football, boxing, hockey, auto racing, even billiards and bowling.

Greatest Films Lists best of the net

Tim Dirks, whose Greatest Films site has lists of almost everything else, has put together a list of other sites’ greatest films lists… just to be fair. This list begins with his own list, and if you scroll down, you’ll find a link to dozens of other lists, and finally a compilation list!

The Sammy Awards

Each year since 1989, Roger Hall, a respected film music historian and music preservationist chooses the winners of these film music awards, named after multiple-Oscar-winning movie lyricist Sammy Cahn (1913-1993). They were first announced on Ron Della Chiesa’s show on WGBH radio in Boston, later in newspapers, magazines and Web sites. Hall is the author of the reference book, A Guide to Film Music, and the editor and publisher of the Web e-zine Film Music Review.

The Top 500 Sound Films

From Carter B. Horsley, of The City Review, here’s an actual list of 500 movies, most of them classics, some of them with links to reviews, including most of the top 20.

A Tribute To The 100 Greatest Film Scenes

Another extensive and fascinating section of Tim Dirks’ Best of the Net “Greatest Films” site was inspired by the Oscar film depicting great moments from classic films. Bring a lunch.

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