Chat and Discussion


Chat and Discussion

Chat rooms, bulletin boards, and other forums where you can meet your fellow classic movie fans.

Classic Movies Forum

Your first stop, of course, should be at the new Classic Movies Forum on Delphi, originally created by Yours Truly and currently run by a knowledgeable and caring movie fan with a strong Hollywood background. You’ll find that it’s a very friendly place full of smart people who are passionate about the classics.

The Golden Age of Hollywood

A discussion board designed for serious fans of classic film. Registration is required to take full advantage of it.

The Hollywood Canteen Chat

Jeff May’s site is a tribute to¬†The Hollywood Canteen, created by Bette Davis and John Garfield in 1942. It is mainly a chat page using classic star photos or art as icons. Also: a history of the canteen, a page of World War II pictures, and a story about Christmas at the Canteen.

The MoPo Mailing List Home Page

In case you’re wondering, “MoPo” stands for Movie Posters, and Scott Burns’ site should definitely be bookmarked if you’re a big poster fan. Learn about the mailing list itself, how to collect posters, and much more.

Mobius’ Home Video Forum

An independent moderated discussion forum devoted to film and home video, offering an assortment of discussions covering a variety of genres, plus reviews of film, DVD, laserdisc and VHS releases, including hard-to-find titles.

IMDB Classic Film Board

The Internet Movie Database has accumulated an extensive compendium of mailing lists devoted to specific movies, actors, actresses, directors, concepts, you name it. If you want interesting email and are still not into Twitter, this is the place to go.

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