Classic Horror & Science Fiction


Classic Horror & Science Fiction

The special effects may be better today, but the old ones were a lot more fun.

Before Star Wars: Early Sci-Fi Films

Some of the classic science fiction films that came before Star Wars.

Monsters And Demons: A Short History Of The Horror Film

Guest writer Astrid Bullen briefly covers the history of the horror film, from the early days of cinema through the 1990s.

Classic Science Fiction Movies

From Arnold E. van Beverhoudt’s Sandcastle, V.I. site’s “At the Movies” section, this is a directory of his choices for the best science fiction movies of the 20th Century, fromA Trip to the Moon to Galaxy Quest, complete with synopses.

Brimstone Pit

Brief reviews of over 1300 horror films, starting with 1910’s Frankenstein, including cast and crew, running times, etc.


A great site for horror film fans, including hundreds of reviews of classic scary flicks going back to the 1930s and even earlier. You can even join LURCH (Lunatic Union of Reviewers on Classic Horror) and contribute your own reviews if you qualify.

Horror Movies from

A huge listing of sites dedicated to assorted horror films, both old and new, from an even larger site dedicated to “Horror, Halloween and Spooky subjects” in general.

Fritz Lang’s “Metropolis”

Kino International presents the story of the new state of the art digital restoration of the great silent film by Fritz Lang, including galleries of stills, posters, and sketches, and a schedule of play dates. Be patient and let the animation unfold.

The Missing Link

The folks at the Missing Link invite you to join them on a “horror film voyage of discovery,” as they pay tribute to the classic b&w horror movies of the twenties, thirties and forties, including silents, with feature articles on subjects like zombies, Lon Chaney, Max Schreck, Karloff and Lugosi, and more.

Mondo Digital

Reviews and features about suspense and horror films and their creators, mostly written by Nathaniel Thompson. Runs the gamut from early Hitchcock and Hammer to more recent slash-fests. Also includes a section on scores and a list of upcoming DVD releases.

Monster at the Soda Shop

From the latest issue of images magazine: Cyndy Hendershot takes a look at the monster movies of the 50s and their relationship to the iconic teenagers of that fabled decade, concluding that the films provide “a glimpse into the insanity at the heart of many Fifties authority figures… much more terrifying than juvenile delinquency could ever be.”


Classic Horror sound wavs, animations, and clips from favorite “menaces and monsters,” including Jack NicholsonVincent PriceBoris KarloffPeter LorreBela LugosiAlfred Hitchcock and others.

The Sci-Fi Movie Page

Offering reviews of classic and current sci-fi movies, as well as articles, bulletin boards, clips and trailers, downloadable scripts, news on upcoming movies and other goodies for sci-fi fans.

Spooky’s Nightmare Mansion

Tom Winegar’s site consists of a huge collection of photos of horror and sci-fi celebrities, both head shots and screen captures, including the only group of pages we know of dedicated to African-American horror and sci-fi actors; plus a tribute to the horror hosts of Kansas City! (A sound file will open automatically.)

The Star Wars Collectors Archive

If you’re a Star Wars fan or a movie memorabilia collector, don’t miss this site from Gus Lopez and fellow editors. It’s a “virtual museum” of images from private collections from all over the world.

The Terror Trap

Described as “a museum for horror and thriller films from 1925 to 1987,” this site includes reviews, director bios and a top ten list, plus special sections on TV, Italian movies, and slasher flicks.

Things From Another World

A source of videos and DVDs, plus comic books, collectibles, action figures, manga & anime as well as Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Hellboy, etc. As the name implies, it’s a site primarily for sci-fi/fantasy fans.


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