Classic Movie Blogs


Classic Movie Blogs

Selected web logs with classic movie content. (Do you have a blog devoted to movies? Do you know somebody who does? Please  email us about it!)

24 lies per second

Philippe, of Paris, France, contributes reviews of rare, out-of-print films about twice a month, in approximately 24 frames. With an individual flavor, and lots of treats for fans of early cinema.

The 100 Best Movie Blogs

An annotated listing of the 100 best movie blogs, in several different categories. Most will be of interest to classic movie fans, especially #47-56. You can probably skip the last 15!

The Burble Movie Blog

Writer Bill Wren’s web log includes a movie section in which he discusses both current and classic films he’s seen. The ratio is great: Out of over 20 reviews listed on his home page, only 5 are from films made in the past 20 years!


A movie-goer, film fanatic and cinephile named Karen Wilson — a freelance writer and editor living in the East Village of New York City — chronicles her viewings and musings on the film industry. She’s attended New York University, the University of California, Davis and the University of Kent, Canterbury in England, so you can expect “musings” which are quite literate.

Cinema OCD

Author of three books about classic film stars published under the name “Jenny Curtis,” Jenny is equally well-known in the world of classic movie geekdom as “Nipper.”

Classically Speaking: Promoting Classic Movies in a Jaded World

Californian Elizabeth Van Cleve used to run the “Classic Movie Round Up,” a free e-mail pal club for classic movie fans, but she’s now entered the world of blogging with a site that includes best of her previous site, plus a few new touches, including the chance to register and submit a “showcase” for your favorite performer.

Glazed Donuts

You’ll enjoy these reviews of movies, videos and DVDs by “Tiberius Furioso,” even though he stopped posting in November, 2005, unfortunately.

The Greatest Ten Zillion Movies Ever Made

We’re not sure if ten zillion movies have been made altogether since the beginning of time, but then this is Carl Larsen’s blog about movies, and he gets to use a certain amount of literary license. When he’s not writing a blog, Carl is a reporter and movie writer in Georgia.

Greenbriar Picture Shows

A brand new blog (opened December 2005 on Blogspot) devoted to classic movies (“the great days of movie exhibition”), featuring rare images (not web grabs), commentary, old ads, and behind-the-scenes shots. You’ll find a lot of material on each month’s “page” (keep your mouse pointer on the scroll bar because it goes on forever!), much of it quite humorous. Since it’s a blog, you can also make comments and read those of others.

Milk Plus

Subtitled “A Discussion of Film,” this is a communal web log with reviews, discussion, evaluation and analysis of film and related topics (such as television and criticism), from a collective of writers instead of the usual individual. Not updated since Bebruary 2008.


Subtitled “The Movie Collector’s Blog,” this new site from Movies Unlimited offers articles, trivia, polls, etc. You can also get involved in discussions, comment on articles and even submit your own post.

The Old Movie Maven

Virginia has been blogging, mostly about the movies, since June, 2004. She says she has “lots of stories to tell about Old Hollywood – from Frankenstein and Dracula to Shirley Temple!” She has a particular interest in Charlie Chan. Judging from her reviews, she’s definitely a lover of the classics, and her blog is worth reading.

Olivia and Joan

A blog devoted to sisters Olivia de Havilland and Joan Fontaine.

Procrastination in Swing Time

Libby Smith is obsessed with musicals, too. She calls it “procrastination,” but we call it entertaining.

Self-Styled Siren

Campaspe, of Toronto, Canada, says she has been blogging for almost a year now and her focus is almost exclusively on classic movies, give or take the occasional digression. Veryoccasional.

Classic, while not technically a blog, does have an irregularly updated RSS feed, which you can access here:

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