Classic Movie Web Rings


Classic Movie Web Rings

Web Rings are interlinked groups of Web sites devoted to common subjects — in this case, classic movies and stars. Links are primarily to Webring home pages. (This list has just recently been updated and many dead links removed, so if you visited here before and found a lot of dead links, sorry about that. Webrings have been going through a lot of changes recently. If you have others to suggest, please¬† email¬†me.

The British Actors and Actresses

For Web sites dedicated to one or more actors or actresses from England, Scotland, Wales, or Ireland.

Classic Films

Classic films and animation from 1900 through the 1960’s.

The Classic Movies Webring

Sites which contain anything relating to classic movies.

Dr. Strangelove’s Kubrickian Webring

Dedicated to bringing together fans of Stanley Kubrick.

The Movie Quoters WebRing

Web sites of those people who frequent the assorted Movie Quote chat rooms in Yahoo! Chat.

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