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Here’s an ever-evolving index of useful and/or entertaining Web resources in the field of classic movies, organized by category. If you have any questions, all you have to do is send me an  email.

Actor and Actress Sites
Links to sites devoted to our favorite movie stars of the classic era, both collections and individual tributes.

Actor and Filmmaker Resources
We all dream of making movies, whether we’re in front of the camera or behind it. If you’re doing more than dreaming, here are some sites for you.

All-Purpose Classic Movie Sites
Great sites that offer a little bit of everything on the subject of classic films.

Sources for classic movie star autographs and autographed photos on the Web.

“Best of” Lists
Web pages with lists of “best” classic films, actors, actresses, moments, scenes, etc.

Selected web logs with classic movie content.

Chat and Discussion
Chat rooms and message boards focusing on movies.

Classic Movies on Television
Television is the medium through which we experience most of the classic films we see today. Here’s how to find your favorite films on TV.

Classic Television and Radio
Classic movie fans are invariably fans of classic TV, as well. Here’s a listing of links to assorted classic TV resources around the Web, with more to come in the future.

Clip Art and Wallpaper
Sites where you can find classic movies wallpaper, screensavers, and desktop themes as well as clip art for your Web pages.

Collectibles: Videos, Posters, Photos
Links to sites where you can buy videos, posters, and photos, and purchase or just take a look at collectibles such as books, cards, hats, t-shirts, and anything else your heart desires.

Cult Movies and “B” Films
So bad they’re good; so awful, they’re wonderful.

Culture of the Classic Movies Era
Celebrating the events, people, styles, and culture of the early 20th Century.

Databases, Collections & Reviews
Assorted collections of classic movies, including lists of best and worst films; searchable movie databases; and archives of movie reviews and criticism by everybody from Roger Ebert to people you’ve never heard of but who have important things to say.

Directors, Producers, Writers, Composers
Sites devoted to the great directors, writers, composers, and other behind-the-scenes masters of classic film.

Fan Clubs and Mailing Addresses
The online and offline homes of classic movie star fan clubs, including Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley, plus sources of mailing addresses.

Film Societies
Web sites for groups and theaters devoted to the showing of old and hard-to-locate movies.

Foreign-Language Films
Links to sites devoted to films, directors, and stars whose work was done in languages other than English.

Links to separate lists of sites devoted to film noir, horror/science fiction, humor (including B movies and screwball comedies), musicals, serials, silent film, and westerns.

History of Classic Movies
While the “history” of film is what we’re all about here, these sites focus specifically on historical issues, such as early film equipment or influential people in the industry.

Hollywood Tourism
Web sites for tourist attractions in Hollywood, such as the Walk of Fame, Graumann’s Mann’s Chinese Theatre, and the Wax Museum.

Homework Help for Students
A special list of resources for middle school, high school, or college students doing research for reports, or for anybody looking for information about movies in general and the Golden Age of Hollywood in particular.

Online Images of Classic Actors And Actresses
Hundreds of wonderful online color and black and white images of your favorite actors and actresses of the Golden Age, plus images of posters, lobby cards, and magazines.

Miscellaneous One-of-a-Kind Sites
Anything about classic movies that doesn’t fit into the other categories; many one-of-a-kind sites. (See also: Genres)

Movie Tributes
No studio sites here, just links to Web sites devoted to your favorite classic movies of all time.

Music & Soundtracks
Sites dedicated to the music and soundtracks from classic movies.

Official Movie Organizations
From the AFI to the VSDA, here are the official groups of interest to classic movie fans.

Posters & Photos
Where to purchase movie posters, both originals and reprints, plus photos of your favorite stars.

Rare Videos
Online sources for rare and hard-to-find movies on video and DVD.

Archives of movie reviews and criticism by everybody from Roger Ebert to people you’ve never heard of but who have important things to say. See also: DVD Reviews.

Scripts & Movie Quotes
Sites where you can find complete movie manuscripts or selected dialogue from your favorite films.

Silent Film
Links to silent film sites, as well as to actor and actress sites also listed on our individual actors and actresses lists.

Links to sites with sound files from classic movies, stars, and genres, in various formats. Plus a collection of sound files on this site.

Streaming Video and Downloads
Here are places where you can find downloads or streaming video clips from classic films. You may need to download software, and a fast connection wouldn’t hurt, either.

Studio Sites
Most of these links will take you to areas within the studio sites that are concerned with classic films or movies on videotape.

Theaters and Drive-Ins
Web sites with a passion for the great picture palaces and drive-in theaters in America and all over the world. Includes listings for some sites that have already been listed here, plus many new ones.

Technical Aspects of Film
Sites related to things like cameras, film techniques, animation, and other subjects of interest to grips, gaffers, best boys, and other techno geeks.

Trivia Contests and Games
Test your knowledge of classic movies by tackling one of these online trivia challenges.

Videos, DVDs & Film Clips
The Web’s best directory of links to online sources of classic movie videos, DVDs, and films.

Web Rings
Web Rings are interlinked groups of Web sites devoted to common subjects — in this case, classic movies and stars.

Zines About The Movies
Including both e-zines and Web sites for print magazines devoted to the study of classic film.

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