Classic Television and Radio


Classic Television and Radio

Web sites devoted to classic television and radio programs. (If you’re a true fan, you’ll want to join the discussion of favorite classic TV shows on the Classic Movies Forum.)

The Classic TV Database

Peruse a collection of data about many of your favorite TV shows, from The Addams Family to The Wonder Years. The 50s section is a little sparse, and it lacks the cross-referencing of the IMDb, but there’s plenty here to enjoy, including a top 100 list of shows.

80s Nostalgia

Are you nostalgic for the 80s yet? It’s been 15 years since they ended, after all! If so, check out this collection of reviews of 1980s TV shows, including many that even this couch potato doesn’t remember.


This ever evolving site is a source of literature and old time radio shows “rendered in technologies such as Adobe Acrobat pdf and Microsoft Reader [which] allow your computer to read to you aloud, as you read along.” Leading products include huge libraries of old time radio on DVD, as well as 12,000 books on only three disks!

Classic Television Images and Theme Songs

Enjoy over 300 different full-length theme songs from classic TV shows in wav format. Or you can purchase them on CD.

Classic TV

If you’ve ever waxed nastalgic about those old Wildroot or Ipana TV commercials, this is the site for you. A great collection of streaming 30-second and 60-second videos; you’ll need Internet Explorer to view them.

Classic U.S. TV Series Theme Music List

A discography focusing primarily on Main Title and End Credits themes for network and nationally-syndicated series which aired (in most cases) before 1965. You’ll also find a lot of information of particular value to researchers in this area.

FiftiesWeb Index of Old TV Shows

A fairly exhaustive listing of television programs from the 1950s, including a separate list of Westerns. Listings include cast list and photos, air dates, theme song, and “tidbits” about each show.

Highway Patrol

Broderick Crawford was already an Oscar-winning movie actor when he became the burly, tough-talking star of this early TV crimefighter show, a precursor to Law and Order (or the first half, anyway). This site includes photos, sound files, vidcaps, an episode guide, articles, sources for memorabilia and videos, links to state police sites, and more.

Internet Movie Database

Despite its name, the IMDb is not just about movies; it also has the most extensive searchable database of television shows and movies in existence. Start with this search page if you know anything about the show you’re interested in, from the name of the star to the title of a single episode.


Streaming video archive includes many classic TV shows that you can watch on your computer; requires the latest RealPlayer plug-in.

Radio Classics

Along with old movies, most of us also love (and some even remember) old radio. From Radio Free Jack, here’s a collection of streaming audio files from the shows of Jack Benny, Fred Allen, Fibber McGee, The Bickersons, and Captain Midnight. (You’ll need special software to listen.)

The Official Roy Rogers/Dale Evans Website

He wasn’t just the King of the Cowboys; he was also the king of Saturday morning TV in the 50s. Visit the museum or gift shop, look at photos from Memory Lane, or post a message on the fan forum.

Slacker’s Sci-Fi Source

A listing of Web links for various classic and not-so-classic science fiction TV shows. Part of an extensive “portal” site for sci-fi fans.

Television Heaven

A UK site dedicated to our second favorite subject, classic TV! Lots and lots of reviews of both British and American series as well as an A-Z list including shows not reviewed, plus news, obituaries, and more. Linked with two other sites related to TV and nostalgia.

Television/Radio Series Logs

A collection of episode guides (title of episode, air date and guest cast) for a dozen selected TV shows and a half-dozen radio shows from the early days.

TV Land

Also known as Nick at Night, it’s the cable channel that’s like a 24/7 trip on a time machine into the world of The Addams FamilyAll in the FamilyThe Andy Griffith Show (that’s just the A’s), and more. Click on the Schedules button to find out what’s playing right now, or join in on the message boards.


You’ll enjoy Billy Ingram’s articles and essays about both classic and current TV shows and personalities. You can also purchase shows on DVD, or buy the book by the same name as the site.

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