Classics on TV


Classics on TV

Best sources of information about classic movies shown on television.

American Movie Classics

The cable TV network once dedicated to the best of classic Hollywood has begun showing newer movies and running (gasp!) commercials during its films.

Turner Classic Movies

The home page for the 24-hour classic movies cable channel, which owns one of the finest movie libraries ever assembled and long ago over from AMC as the best classic film channel.

The Movies Make TCM A Perfect 10

SF Chronicle film critic Mick LaSalle offers his comments about Turner Classic Movies on the occasion of their 10th anniversary.

Fox Movie Channel

Home page for the cable network that shows nothing but films, most of them classics. Check their schedule or use your “backlot pass” to read special features and interviews.

Radio Times

From BBC Worldwide. UK residents can check the TV and radio listings and put together their own viewing diary, and everybody else can read film reviews from a large database, or check out the articles and regular features.

TivoPlex, on Box Office Prophets

John Seal writes reviews of obscure films showing on TV each week, offering a great resource for film fans who don’t have the time to comb the listings for hidden gems and oddities.


As a part of the Turner conglomerate, TNT often shows classic (or at least older) movies.

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