Cult Movies and “B” Films


Cult Movies and “B” Films

Classic films that are so bad, they’re good; so awful, they’re wonderful.

The Astounding B Monster!

Billing itself as “the offbeat film authority,” this colorful site celebrates the greatest bad movies of all time. “A good guide to bad movies,” as one reviewer put it. Includes sci-fi, horror, and cult films.

The Bad Movie Report

For a site that is dedicated to “bad” movies, this one is certainly well-written — or at least fun to read. Not just a list of movies with photos, this site includes sections like “Tricks of the Trade,” with tips on how to make a bad movie.

Dozens of reviews, photos, lots of sound files, and video clips from “some of the finest B-movies ever to disgrace film,” in their words. Lots of fun, but rated “R” in places, due to random acts of violence, exposed internal organs, and some foul language.

Brian’s Drive-In Theater

An enthusiastic and extensive tribute to “B” movies and drive-in favorites, including Hercules, Tarzan, beach party films, low-budget sci-fi, and “B” westerns. Plus obituaries and feature pages on many of the mostly forgotten stars of the 50s, 60s, and 70s.

Exploitation Retrospect

If you like horror, gore, exploitation and drive-in movies, and you’ve got your tongue lodged firmly in your cheek most of the time, you’ll enjoy this “journal of junk culture and fringe media,” in business since 1986, initially as a print publication, and run by Dan Taylor. You’ll also enjoy reviews contributed by Stately Wayne Manor inĀ Manor on Movies.


A nicely-done site dedicated to the director, writer, and composer who made 9 films in the late 70s, both horror and “blaxploitation,” before dying accidentally in 1978. Sometimes compared to Ed Wood.

The Jabootu Dimension

“This site,” says the introduction, “is devoted to the savoring of films at the very bottom of the Cinematic Bell Curve.” No, they’re not talking about terrible blockbusters, but the kind of stuff that’s part of the Ed Wood universe. Unique, weird, and very bad.

Razor Reel

A look into the “weird and wonderful world” of exploitation movies and television shows, this is part of BillyBop, a roots music site out of Belgium. Look for material on campy, gory, adult, sleazy or musical films from the early days, rock & roll and teenage juvenile movies from the fifties, Sci-Fi flicks or pasta porn from the sixties, Euro thrash from the seventies, eighties slashers, etc. Not for the kiddies.

The Spinning Image

A movie review site with a special emphasis on cult films (their site logo includes a closeup fromĀ The Evil Dead). You’ll also find articles, news, polls, a forum, a newsletter, and more.

Stomp Tokyo

A treasure trove of reviews of entertaining bad flicks, from this site which boats of celebrating “six years of B-movies, Godzilla, and video cheese.”

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