Favorite Movie Lists


Favorite Movie Lists

After I re-ran my 200 Favorite Movies list, I challenged anybody who was interested to submit his or her own list. We’ve had a number of responses during the following years, and I now present a selection of favorite movie lists for your enjoyment and discussion.


Some movies are showing up on all or most of the lists, such as “Casablanca,” “Dr. Strangelove,” and “It’s A Wonderful Life.” This doesn’t mean they should be on your list, but it does mean that you should see them if you haven’t already. Other films appear on only one list. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t see them, however. It simply means that any movie like that is less likely to have universal appeal.

But the whole point of lists is to make them and show them to people. So, in no particular order (though with newest lists generally on top) let’s get on with it!


Other classic movie checklists that you’ll enjoy.

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