Genres Directory Page


Genres Directory Page

Links to separate lists of sites devoted to animation, film noir and mysteries, horror and science fiction, humor, B movies and cult films, musicals, serials, silent film, and westerns.


Classic animation: Disney, Disney, and more Disney, plus a few others.

“B” Movies/Cult Films

Classic films that are so bad they’re good; so awful, they’re wonderful.

Film Noir/Mystery Movies

The art of “film noir,” from the 30s onward, plus sites devoted to mystery and detective films.


The special effects may be better today, but the old ones were a lot more fun.


Web sites and pages that’ll make you laugh, as well as links to lists of classic comedy films. Screwball comedies and bloopers, too.


They may never make them the way the used to, but we’ll always have the great musicals on videotape.

Silent Film

Links to silent film sites, as well as tributes to the actors, actresses, and directors of the silent era.


From Gene Autry to Roy Rogers, from Flash Gordon to The Shadow, these were the original heroes of the silver screen.

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