History Articles


History Articles

While this whole site is really about history, in a way, these articles are specifically focused on historical events, such as the Hollywood Blacklist and the opening of the movies to African-American actors.

The Black Experience in Hollywood
Celebrating Black History Month with resources on the Web for film buffs of all races.

Censorship in the Movies
It seems like a good time to take another look at the infamous Hays Code, which attempted to censor American films from 1934 until 1966 (though its influence declined after 1952). Some say it was good idea. Judge for yourself.

Centennial Celebrations
Many of your favorite stars and directors had their birth centennials in 1999 or 2000. Here’s a list of the most famous.

Classic TV Stars in the Movies
It’s normal today, but there was a time when it wasn’t easy to be both a TV star and a movie star.

Film Burning: A Tragic Blunder
How many German and Italian film treasures were destroyed during WW II? You might be surprised to hear. A disturbing story offered by one of the regular members of the Classic Movies Forum.

The Future of Cinema
It’s the turn of the century, Jan. 1, 1900, and that newfangled cinema thing looks like it might catch on!

The Greatest Year in Movie History
Was it 1939? Or 1962? Or another year? Here’s the evidence; you decide! Includes a mini-poll.

The Hollywood Blacklist
Elia Kazan’s award stirred up discussion about the 50s blacklist. What was it and who did it impact?

Hollywood Looks at the Millennium
They predicted flying cars, but not the Internet. Movies about the “future” that’s arriving soon.

The Irish Mafia
The “Irish Mafia” Boys Club consisted of a group of actors who numbered among them some of the greatest stars of the 30s, 40s, and 50s, including James Cagney and Spencer Tracy. Our salute to St. Patrick’s Day.

Monsters And Demons: A Short History Of The Horror Film
Guest writer Astrid Bullen briefly covers the history of the horror film, from the early days of cinema through the 1990s.

Palace of Memories
Remember the great old movie theaters, before the multiplexes? The folks who post on our Classic Movies Forum do. Here are their stories.

Scandals of Hollywood
Winona Ryder isn’t the first actress or other Hollywood luminary to be caught in a scandal. We’re not talking about Hugh Grant or Pee-Wee Herman. No, we need to go back further, to the early days of Hollywood.

Thanksgiving in the Movies: Myth vs. Reality
While we enjoy our turkey and stuffing, we might want to think about how much our movie-inspired image of that day in 1620 differs from the reality.

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