Homework Help for Students


Homework Help for Students

A special list of resources for middle school, high school, or college students doing research.

Classic Actor and Actress Sites

Pages created in tribute to individual classic actors and their films, in alphabetical order.

Drew’s Scripts-O-Rama

“The most comprehensive index of movie and television scripts available on the Internet.” That’s Drew’s claim, and darned if we can argue with it. If there’s no script, there’s a transcript, which is almost as good.

Elizabeth’s Classic Homepage Best of the Net

A site filled with photos, information, and Elizabeth’s take on some of the greatest actors, actresses, and movies of the classic era. Won our Favorite Classic Movies Web Site poll.

The Greatest Films Best of the Net

Tim Dirks’ amazing site features plot synopses of more than 100 great films, plus a listing of even more movies by year, with summaries of the film history of each decade. Plus many other related features for the film buff or student.

The Internet Movie Database Best of the Net

Whether it’s classic movies or modern films, if you’re looking for a quick bit of information about something specific, you can’t do better than the IMDb. Spend some time learning about the multiple ways to search.

The Internet Movie Database Oscar Pages

An easy-to-use source of detailed Oscar information: Who was nominated, who won, who hosted, etc. for every year that the awards were presented.

Silents Are Golden

Tim Lussier’s silent film site features photos, vintage reviews, articles and essays, and links to other sites.


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