Movie Scripts & Quotes


Movie Scripts & Quotes

Sites featuring scripts, transcripts, quotes, or dialogue from classic films.

Colin’s Movie Monologue Page

Colin Ryono’s site consists of hundreds of selected monologues from both current and classic films, arranged alphabetically.

The Daily Script

This source of links to movie and TV scripts and transcripts is updated daily, and also offers other resources for movie fans, including links, contests, and a message board.

Greatest Film Quotes From Great Films

Famous quotes and great lines of dialogue from 75 years of sound films. With a built-in quiz to see if you recognize the movies, the actor or actress, etc. From Tim Dirks’ Best-of-the-Net Greatest Movies site.

Drew’s Scripts-O-Rama

“The most comprehensive index of movie and television scripts available on the Internet.” That’s Drew’s claim, and darned if we can argue with it. If there’s no script, there’s a transcript, which is almost as good.

Internet Movie Script Database

This new site offers movie scripts for educational purposes only. They guarantee that none of the scripts are or will be sold. With that in mind, you can read or download any of their movie scripts for free. All are in either html or pdf format.


“Intertitles” are the words that appear on the screen every once in a while during silent films to give the audience a sense of what’s being said, in case you ever had a desire to read them one after the other. Question: Why didn’t they just print them on the screen underneath the action, like they do with subtitles? Answer: Because nobody really wanted to know exactly what they were saying. As Harry Warner once said, “Who in the hell wants to hear actors talk?”

Movie Quotes

Dedicated to “cool one-liners” from movies and TV shows, with over one million quotes currently in the database. No, they’re not wav files, just snippets of printed dialogue, but with the films listed in alphabetical order, you should have no trouble finding and enjoying your favorites. Or register to play the movie quotes game.


Collections of quotes from a selection of classic films.


Purchase current and older screenplays, TV scripts, and storyboards for $15-$25 each, with over 3900 to choose from — for educational purposes only, of course. Plus screenplay strategies, screenwriting articles, tips, links, information about the screenplay market.

Simply Scripts

A large database of links to movie scripts, screenplays and transcripts, organized alphabetically, with links to IMDb pages and fan/official sites for most entries. Lots of classics among the more recent efforts.


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