Movie Trivia Contests and Games


Movie Trivia Contests and Games

Challenge your knowledge of the classic stars and films of yesteryear.

Classic Film Quizzes

Links to Classic Film quizzes, word search puzzles, and Scavenger Hunts on this site.

Meredy’s Place

Great-looking site featuring classic movie, television, and celebrity trivia (scroll down for the long listing), including special sections for dozens of your favorite classic stars and films. Plus links to all of Meredy’s other sites.

Classic Film Trivia

A tough 16-question film quiz by Mack Shippen. Compare your score to others who’ve taken the test. The average is only 21%!

Classic Movie Star Quiz

A tough 21-question quiz that will severely test your knowledge of classic film casts. Part of Classic Hollywood.

Entertainment Quizzes

From a site called 3SmartCubes, here are a number of free quizzes related to movies, including an “Actors of the Classic Movies” quiz that many of you will find fairly easy but entertaining. There is an option to sign up for a fee to received extended IQ test data if you like.

Movie Trivia from

The movie trivia section of this general trivia site offers a ten-question quiz, one of about 16 different quizzes, plus other useful “tidbits.”

Star Links

If you’re familiar with the Kevin Bacon game, this site from the University of Virginia Computer Sciences Department takes it a step further and allows you to find links between any two celebrities of your choice, using movies, TV shows, or both. A wonderful time-waster! (Did you know that you can link Drew Barrymore to John Barrymore in only 3 steps?)

The TV and Movie Trivia Tribute

Several different quizzes involving TV and Movie stars, plus photos and sound files of a variety of celebrities.

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