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A Date with Debbie (1960)
A Separate Peace (1972)
A Sky Full of Stars for a Roof (1968)
A Thousand Pleasures (1968)
Abenteur in Bamsdorf (1958)
Adventures in Vienna (1952)
Awaara (1951)
Dick Van Dyke and the Other Woman (1969)
Gene Kelly: An American in Pasadena (1978)
Having Babies (1976)
La congiuntura (1964)
Lisa, Bright and Dark (1973)
Mind over Murder (1979)
Miracle on 34th Street (1973)
Mirror, Mirror (1979)
Murder or Mercy (1975)
Night of Terror (1972)
No Room to Run (1976)
Overboard (1978)
Paul Temple Film Series
Perfect Gentlemen (1978)
Special Mission Lady Chaplin (1966)
The Assassin (1952)
The Diary of an Innocent Boy (1968)
The Gift (1979)
The Girl Who Saved the World (1979)
The Heist (1972)
The Kid from Canada (1957)
The Ordeal of Patty Hearst (1979)
The Outsider (1967)
The Plainsman (1966)
The Scarlet Hour (1956)
The Yellow Ticket (1918)
This Other Eden (1959)
Un homme se penche sur son passe (1958)


80 Mile Speed (1937)
A kolcsonkert kastely (1937)
A Revolucao de Maio (1937)
A Song of Lisbon (1933)
A Star Athlete (1937)
A Talent for Loving (1969)
Actor (1978)
Adieu Philippine (1962)
Advokatka Vera (1937)
Alarm in Peking (1937)
Alibaba (1937)
Andy’s Funhouse (1979)
Avenger of the Seven Seas (1962)
Balboa (1963)
Beat-Club TV series
Birds in Peru (1968)
Blue Jeans (1975)
Bye bye, Barbara (1969)
Children of Eve (1915)
Escape by Night (1960)
Henry Fond and the Family (1962)
Hooray for Horrorwood (1991)
Julie and Carol at Carnegie Hall (1962)
Katarsis (1963)
Kerim, Son of the Sheik (1962)
Life Goes to the Movies (1976)
L’immoralita (1978)
Mafia Junction (1973)
Nine Boys, One Heart (1948)
Of Thee I Sing (1972)
Rodgers & Hart Today (1967)
Scalplock (1966)
The Copper Beeches (1921)
The Last Safari (1967)
The Pad and How to Use It (1966)


Cade’s County TV series
Chalk and Cheese TV series
Death Knocks Twice (1969)
Dr. Shrinker TV series
Hogg’s Back TV series
Lash of the West TV series
Massacre in the Black Forest (1967)
My Wife Next Door TV series
Neil Sedaka Steppin’ Out (1976)
Night of the Damned (1971)
One Step Beyond TV series
Out TV series
Pardon My Genie TV series
Runaway, Runaway (1972)
Scandal in the Family (1975)
Seven Rebel Gladiators (1965)
Standard Oil New Jersey Presents Its 75th Anniversary Entertainment (1957)
Stars in the Eye (1952)
Stop Calling Me Baby! (1977)
Temple of a Thousand Lights (1965)
Terror of the Red Mask (1960)
That Malicious Age (1975)
The Assassination (1965)
The Black Devil (1957)
The Blonde Witch (1956)
The Dawson Watch TV series
The Incredible Sarah (1976)
The Oldest Profession (1967)
The Perfect Killer (1977)
The Rowdyman (1972)
The Seven Red Berets (1969)
The Standard (1977)
The Teasers (1975)
Three Swords for Rome (1964)
Zorro in the Court of England


Robin’s Nest TV series
Rock Follies of ’77 TV series
Rock Follies TV series
Rosie TV series
Skippy/Sooky Double Feature
Spring & Autumn TV series
Super Chicken TV series
The Californians TV series
The Osmonds TV series
The Upchat Line TV series
Wacky and Packy cartoon series

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