Reviews of Classic Movies on DVD


Reviews of Classic Movies on DVD

Web sites with reviews of classic movies on DVD and other non-VHS formats.

The BIG Picture

The mission of this extensive site is to provide owners of DVD players with technical information about the quality of DVDs available on the market for sale or rent. Over 1200 reviews are currently on this site, from the most recent films to the classics.

The Cinema Laser: DVD Reviews

This collection of reviews of movies available on DVD is only one part of Derek Germano’s The Cinema Laser, an extensive online edition of the DVD and Laser Disc print journal of the same name.

The Digital Bits

This extensive, all-purpose DVD, SACD, and HD site includes, among other things, reviews of and information about classic films on DVD. You’ll also enjoy the variety of columns by several regular Digital Bits columnists.

The DVD Journal

DVD news, reviews, commentary, and “stuff like that” by a staff that claims to be ill-kempt, ill-tempered and uneducated. But you can’t prove that by me, and judging from the editor’s Top 25 list, they’re mostly classic fans.

Home page for Doug Pratt’s monthly newsletter. You can view back issues as PDF files or search through hundreds of Doug’s excellent reviews of movies released on DVD, including many classics.

DVD Verdict

A site devoted to DVDs, including movie reviews (with articles divided into various types of “courts”), DVD player reviews, special reports, editorials, and contests.

Films on Disc

Stuart J. Kobak presents reviews of films on video disc and DVD, plus well-written regular features, a poster archive, and more. Not updated recently.

Glenn Erickson, DVD Savant

The archive of Glenn Erickson’s reviews at DVDTalk includes both current and classic films, with hundreds of entries going back to 1999. We once had a link to his previous site, but lost track of him a while back.


Formerly known as Critics Inc. when it was founded in 1990, this online movie and video guide features a large collection of reviews and articles focusing on Laserdisc and DVD releases as well as home theater technology.

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