Sources for Rare Videos and DVDs


Sources for Rare Videos and DVDs

Sources for rare and hard-to-find movies on video and DVD. (In the case of sources below which offer to sell copies, be sure you’ve checked our Video Store first, because most of them won’t sell you something that’s readily available in factory-sealed condition.) We don’t claim that the sites on this list will help you find every rare film you’re looking for, but they’ll give you a place to start looking:


This popular source for rare classic movies, out-of-print films and hard-to-find videos also sells used movies and video games, as well as a large selection of “cheap” movies. Some adult content.

Archive Films

This professional source of historical stock footage and film clips is the international leader in the field, and has recently expanded its library and updated its Web site.

The CinemaTrade

An extensive source for original movie posters, lobby cards, press material, books and magazines, as well as hard-to-find DVDs. Also includes a “trading post” for messages, a want list, and links to related sites.

Cool Stuff Toys and Video

A source for hard-to-find toys, videos, posters, and other stuff, some of which is fairly bizarre. Especially recommended for fans of sci-fi and classic cartoons.

Deep Discount

This link will take you directly to the “classics” section of this online discount DVD source, but be sure to check out the other areas of this very extensive site, especially if you’re looking for rare items that are not necessarily classic Hollywood movies.


This non-profit media arts organization offers a number of services to film buffs, including Facets Video, a distributor of foreign, classic, cult, art, and hard-to-find videos, plus video rentals, film screenings, and children’s programs.

Gotta See DVDs

Jay describes himself as a huge film fan and collector with a large collection of rare films. While he says he’s not finished listing all his films, he’s ready for business, offering lost and unreleased films, Asian and European cinema, and (warning) adult films. He also offers to find movies on DVD even if he doesn’t have them listed.

Historic Video Archives

The collection of rare, obsolete, and unusual videotapes includes this selection of miscellaneous films with a scattering of trailers, promos, and other items of interest to classic fans. The total collection is very large, and includes many other categories of footage.

International Historic Films

The focus here is on the military, political, and social history of the 20th century, and they offer documentaries as well as theatrical films. A particularly valuable source if you’re a history buff.

Jim’s Rare Serials and B-Westerns

This Pennsylvania video store specializes in Cliffhanger Serials, B-Westerns, Charlie Chan Movies, Ma & Pa Kettle, and Classic Television.

Kino Online

An excellent source of silent movies and related material on video; includes annotated feature articles related to new offerings.

The Laureate Collection

Founded by Ken Barnes, this new European DVD source has as its goal the restoration and presentation of classic Hollywood films. Quality is favored over quantity here, as evidenced by the fact that only three films are presently offered. But they’re good ones, as you’ll see.

Olive Films

Judging from the Web site for this distributor of independent, art house and out-of-print films from both the United States and abroad, they care a great deal about what they sell. You’ll find titles offered by indie distributors from Criterion to Zeitgeist.

Rare Hollywood

For the “serious collector” only, this company offers original VHS prerecorded video, DVD and laser discs of everything from art house and international cinema to cult flicks and erotica. They also deal in original theatrical movie posters and Hollywood memorabilia, and offer professional transfer services of video to dvd or PAL to NTSC or vice versa.

Subterranean Cinema

A source for many controversial and hard-to-find movies never released on video or DVD, or currently out of print, from the 1960s and later. Rather than ordering directly from the site, you will need to scroll down to find the email address, copy it, and send an email about the movie(s) you want.

Video Addicts

Admitting that they’re running a “dungeon of the video addicts’ nightmares,” the folks here make no bones about feeding your habit if you’re truly a rabid collector. A large selection of hard-to-find stuff – including adult videos, so be forewarned if you’re easily offended.

The Video Beat

Rare and hard to find 1950s & 1960s rock n roll and youth culture movies.

  • Finally, of course, there’s always Ebay, but if you don’t have any experience there, remember that it’s strictly a case of “buyer beware.”

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