Studio Sites


Studio Sites

Most of these links will take you to areas within the studio sites that are concerned with classic films or movies on videotape.

20th Century Fox

Purchase Studio Classics from the 20th Century Fox store, including All About Eve andGentleman’s Agreement.

Walt Disney’s 100 Years of Magic

Celebrating the Centennial of Walt Disney’s birth.


The official Web presence of London’s Hammer Films includes a complete filmography of their productions from the 1930s to the 1980s. Plus articles, news, links, merchandise, and more.


The Miramax site has information about their current and upcoming releases. Not yet classics, but the site is interesting, just the same.


The Paramount site doesn’t make it easy to find their classic sections, but this link should take you to a listing of movies from the 1960s and before.

Sony Pictures Museum

The Sony Pictures site itself contains almost entirely information about new movies, but this link will take you to a tour of Columbia Pictures, which Sony owns. Choose individual films for more goodies, including photos and film clips.

Universal Studios Home Video: Classics

A collection of classic videos is available from Universal, though they make them hard to find, since there isn’t a separate “classics” category. Click on “Browse by Title.” You can also find soundtracks from some older films. The site was somewhat slow-loading last time we visited.

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