Videos, DVDs and Film Clips


Videos, DVDs and Film Clips

Sources for videos, DVDs and film clips, sales and rentals, on the Web.

The Classic Movies Videostore

Thousands of classic films on video, available for purchase on the Web at great prices, in a variety of categories, from individual actors and actresses to Animated Films and Westerns.

Loving The Classics

Roger Ebert said they had “one of the biggest and most varied catalogs I’ve seen.” Not to be outdone, Leonard Maltin said it was “the definitive source for practically every currently available video in print.” Search the huge database by title, person, or category.

The Web’s #1 retailer has that distinction for a reason. They sell not only videos, DVDs, books, and music, but a lot of other products as well. Use this link, and be sure to tell them we sent you.


If you’re tired of trying to find classic films by sorting through all the clutter at other DVD rental sites, try ClassicFlix, which carries only the classics (pre-1970). Their concentration is between 1930 and 1960, and their DVD collection is over five thousand strong and growing. All plans are unlimited and have no monthly restrictions. They also have thousands of DVDs for sale.

J.M. Distribution, Inc.

If you are in a position to resell DVDs — at a store, flea markets, garage sales, from your Web site, etc. — this is a good way to get a large supply of them quickly and inexpensively. You can purchase a pre-selected batch of 250 at an excellent price, or specify which ones you want from their available selection for a slight premium.

The cheapest and easiest way to rent DVDs online. You can even try it for free and see if you like it.

60 Years of German Classic Cinema

An extensive listing, part of the German Language Video Center, an American-based source for German language videos.

Archive Films

This professional source of historical stock footage and film clips is the international leader in the field, and has recently expanded its library and updated its Web site.

Best Video

Purchase or rent videos from what is purported to be (by the owner) the best damn video store in the world. 35,000 titles, plus selected reviews by Hank.


The Web site for the New York theater which shows classic films and sells videos, as well. Browse their catalog by movie title or star.

The CinemaTrade

An extensive source for original movie posters, lobby cards, press material, books and magazines, as well as hard-to-find DVDs. Also includes a “trading post” for messages, a want list, and links to related sites.

Cool Stuff Toys and Video

A source for hard-to-find toys, videos, posters, and other stuff, some of which is fairly bizarre. Especially recommended for fans of sci-fi and classic cartoons.

The Danger and Despair Knitting Circle Video Club

Don’t let the title fool you. This is a great resource for fans of classic film noir, focusing on trading, swaping, buying & selling Film Noir on video and 16 mm film on a non-profit, collector-to-collector basis. You’ll also find a message board and links list.

Ebony Showcase Theatre Online

Offering over 3000 videos of vintage classic movies and television shows, plus movie tickets, memorabilia and posters, all to support the non-profit theatre organization founded by actor Nick Stewart (Brer Bear in Song of the South and Lightnin’ on Amos ‘n’ Andy).


This non-profit media arts organization offers a number of services to film buffs, including Facets Video, a distributor of foreign, classic, cult, art, and hard-to-find videos, plus video rentals, film screenings, and children’s programs.

Festival Films

An experienced source of 16mm films, videotapes, movie posters and DVDs, with a primary focus on public domain films.

A source for films made outside the U.S., plus reviews of current films, credits, award lists, biographies, and links to other sites. You can even submit your own reviews.

Find a local video store where you can rent or buy videos. The site also includes games, recommendations, and other features.

Movie Classics

If you can’t find an out-of-print film anywhere else, and you don’t mind a less-than-perfect copy, this site might be able to help you with a copy.

Historic Video Archives

The collection of rare, obsolete, and unusual videotapes includes this selection of miscellaneous films with a scattering of trailers, promos, and other items of interest to classic fans. The total collection is very large, and includes many other categories of footage.

The Internet Archive

An online collection of 750 advertising, educational, industrial, and amateur movies digitized by the Prelinger Archives from their collection of 45,000 such films which focus on 20th century American life, culture, industry, and institutions.

Jim’s Rare Serials and B-Westerns

This Pennsylvania video store specializes in Cliffhanger Serials, B-Westerns, Charlie Chan Movies, Ma & Pa Kettle, and Classic Television.

Kino Online

An excellent source of silent movies and related material on video; includes annotated feature articles related to new offerings.

Milestone Films

This New Jersey film and video distribution company founded in 1990 by Dennis Doros & Amy Heller distributes classics from silent films to the postwar foreign film renaissance, as well as brand-new American independent features, documentaries and foreign films.

Movie Vaudeville

Brian Barnes’ business, he says, is an outgrowth of his life as a professional musician who liked putting on film and music shows in Minneapolis. A typical show might consist of a classic cartoon and an episode of Flash Gordon and Captain Kidd, or a music show with a French theme — accordion swing, followed by José Ferrer’s Cyrano. He is now making these shows available to community groups, and perhaps later private individuals. Visit his site to review what he has to offer, and contact him for more information.


A UK mail order service for classic and cult films. All titles are UK VHS PAL system, which is not always easy to find.

MPI Home Video

With over 2000 home video titles in its collection, including popular documentaries, movies and TV programs, MPI Home Video is part of the MPI Media Group, an independent producer and distributor of movies, home video and music headquartered in Chicago. MPI also owns the WPA Film Library, holding one of the largest collections of vintage and contemporary footage in the world.

Odeon Entertainment

This UK source of cult movies, documentaries and special interest DVDs promises to release eight new titles each month. (Look under Retro for classic items.) You’ll also find special interest books and music CDS, as well. Some adult content.

A consumer-direct Web site for Collectables Records and Alpha Video, the latter a manufacturer and marketer of budget-priced movies on VHS and DVD. You’ll also enjoy the great selection of oldies music from Collectables Records, too.

Olive Films

Judging from the Web site for this distributor of independent, art house and out-of-print films from both the United States and abroad, they care a great deal about what they sell. You’ll find titles offered by indie distributors from Criterion to Zeitgeist.


A directory of movies commonly thought to be in the public domain, plus works their owners are willing to let be distributed. As they say, however, “truly determining public domain status is fraught with all sorts of difficulties,” and those who want to distribute such films proceed at their own risk!

Shields Pictures Inc.

Shields Pictures owns and controls rights to three Paramount Pictures Theatrical Film Short Subjects Series originally produced during The Golden Age of Hollywood, which have received a total of eight (8) Best Short Oscar nominations with two Oscar wins. The Collection includes Popular ScienceUnusual Occupations, and Speaking of Animals, latter combining live-action animals with animated special effects by Tex Avery.

Sinister Cinema

A Web-based source for science fiction, horror, mystery, B westerns and other genres on video, plus trailers. Search the site or browse by genre, star, and director. Also includes a message board.

Timeline Films

Web site for the Los Angeles film company specializing in films about classic stars, including Mary Pickford, Clara Bow, Cecil De Mille Dynasty, Louise Brooks, and Buddy Rogers. Quality productions, highly recommended.

Another source of reasonably priced video CDs, as well as DVDs, VHS tapes, audio CDs, and MP3s, with a special classics section.

VCI Entertainment

Online source of classics, cult films and old TV shows on VHS and DVD; reportedly the oldest independent home video movie producer/distributor in the United States.

The Video Collection

A source for hard-to-find videos, with reviews, interviews, fun and games, and a page for Special Orders.

Video ETA

Though they don’t sell DVDs, they will let you know when new releases are due out. Also includes a News & Rumors section, a listing of current top boxoffice hits and rentals, and profiles of non-classic stars (Britney, Jennifer, Natalie, and the like).

Video Vault

The Foreign and Classic page from this online videostore. Lots of good stuff here, including a big collection of Hitchcock films, noir classics, musicals, serials, and silents.

Vintage Video

A collection of original military films on videotape, covering military vehicles, aircraft, horse cavalry, etc., plus documentaries on the Civil War, World War II, Korea, Vietnam, space, antique trucks, railroads and others.

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